Our story


We were bred into wine. Firstly, of our birth place in the Hunter Valley, and now, home is McLaren Vale after Mum & Dad acquired their first patch here in 1980.

Since then, together, we have been able to group a selection of vineyards spread across this wonderful region, between hills & sea, under our own family estate.

We are the Brothers Leask. Richard is the outside man, farmer and maker; Malcolm is the inside guy, director and creator. What started as our “bottle project” in 2011 has now endured and sprouted into our much-loved wine brand.

If you are new to our path, let’s have fun along the way, make some memories, come with us hither & yon.


The two most important things in our life? Soil and People. If both are healthy & happy, we have a promising future – so we do this all with care & creativity.

Now, more than ever, we believe regenerative agriculture is our guiding philosophy. Why? It is a dynamic holistic system which is down to earth, but also futurist. It is input focused, not process or market driven.

This way of farming is a struggle. For us, this brings tension to our wine. Then, the way this releases in the glass is exciting, truly expressing vineyard & variety.

Our people are devoted to this cause, this is life on a loop, giving back, growing forward, and having fun. Making better wines with a lighter footprint.

Wildlife for Wine