Vintage Musings

Vintage Musings

A quiet sit down to reflect on vintage 2023 so far, as of Monday, March 20, we are only about 15% through our estimated picking and making. A little daunting perhaps given the already lateness of the season, however, mother nature is giving us a lovely Autumn, still warm enough for ripening but cool too, so the fruit is fresh and balanced, at lower Baume with natural acidity. 

A couple of exciting wines so far, one is our first Fiano a classic Italian, and also a Mataro for Rose, bold and dry. The only red we have pressed so far is Tempranillo (2 batches), which got a nice long time on skins! We have a run on Grenache coming this week, and also Greco and Vermentino for more interesting whites.

The vineyards look wonderful, with a lot of organic mid-row grass cover and vibrant canopies with good size berries, perhaps the crop is a wee bit light but this is only adding to our confidence in a top-quality vintage. Healthy environment, passionate people, growing better wines with a light footprint again in 2023, we look forward to sharing with you soon. 

Cheers from Mal, Richard and the Leask Agri harvest team.

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