Vintage Everlasting

Vintage Everlasting

After a walk around and taste of ferments, tanks and barrels of wines from harvest this morning at the winery, it was back in the vineyard for more block assessment once the crisp autumn air and dew had lifted.

I never try and assess closely where we “are at” or how close to the end of vintage we are, but put it this way, we have 3 parcels of grapes to pick and have delivered 23 batches for Hither & Yon so far, so I guess we are on the home run now. 

Ideally, we will pick the last, of course, Aglianico, today. We can then reflect on how lucky we are for many reasons, respectfully on Anzac Day.

What is very clear is that we have had a brilliant team of people to help us this year and I wish to thank all of them, for producing unreal quality fruit and getting it all off spot on time, clean & fresh. This has allowed gentle handling and the wines are happy and shining.

I am particularly excited about Fiano, Shiraz, Cabernet, Montepulciano, Touriga, and Nero so far, but the love for all changes daily!

After sixty days of the 2023 harvest “loop”, we hope to still finish on a high and have all the wines tucked away by early May to balance and mature.

This is quite late, as we have already started our new season of seeding, and composting. The regenerative cycle never ends – no rest for the wicked!

Enjoy autumn, cheers Mal!

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