Regenerative Agriculture – the alternative futurist

Regenerative Agriculture – the alternative futurist

Visitors to our cellar door often ask us what make our wines so special. We don’t have to ponder long to answer, “the vineyard.”

Hither & Yon proudly follows a regenerative agriculture (RA) model of farming, neither organic or biodynamic, RA is a wholistic way of managing soil health and following nature’s rhythm, leaving a legacy for the next generation of the Leask Clan.

RA principles are based on following nature by having a diverse range of plant life covering the soil year-round for the purpose of cycling and ultimately storing carbon in the soil. In using this method, we aim to increase soil microbial diversity and activity through interaction with plant roots.

For us, it’s vital to build soil capacity (carbon capture) to increase water capture and storage. This practice and dedication led us to becoming South Australia’s first carbon neutral certified wine brand!

In short, we let nature do its thing – supporting and encouraging where we can, nurturing our vines and the surrounding environment.

With the environment at the forefront of all our decision making, it made a lot of sense to ensure we ‘walked the talk’ and became certified sustainable through the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program. 

Through this way of farming, working and being, we have been able to travel a path of continuous improvement; identifying opportunities to offset energy use, make better wines, use less machinery in the vineyard, and run our cellar door with net zero emissions.

Our everyday priorities are soil and people, and we believe if both of those are happy & healthy, our wines will play in the same good favour.

The most exciting part is that the connectedness to the environment through this way of life brings vibrancy to our wine, and energy and life to the glass. This is hands on winegrowing, nurturing and trusting the vineyard environment - we follow nature and work with it, we can’t control all the outcomes and are rewarded with a true expression of place.

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  • Rebecca Carr

    I love to call in to your cellar door when I visit Willunga which sadly isn’t as often as I would like. I consider your Nero D’ Avola a must buy.

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