Tree planting with Adelaide Fringe team

Planting a Legacy

Here at Hither & Yon our principle in the vineyard is about land first, soil nutrition and following nature. As well as vine tending and sustainable practices, we focus on the whole biodiversity and ecosystem of our properties. This includes natural habitat restoration, extensive native species planting, and creating healthy corridors for the birds and bees.

Our Oakley Road revegetation project “Wildlife into Wine” will see us transform this former vineyard site over the next three years into a biodiversity haven to educate visitors and offer tasting of wines with a lighter footprint.

Tree planting with Adelaie Fringe

In late September the wonderful team from Adelaide Fringe journeyed to McLaren Vale for a tree-planting day at Oakley Road. We both share a strong alignment with sustainability and a purpose-driven approach to what we do. Together we were able to plant 1400 trees - with the goal of planting 6000 trees in total on this site. In essence, we are planting trees we may never see, but leaving a legacy for the next generation. Learn more about our ethos here.

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