Meet our new release Montepulciano!

Meet our new release Montepulciano!

It hardly feels like we only just finished harvest, and we are already out seeding, composting our soils, and even starting pruning! The loop is real around here, but we do enjoy the peace of winter. 

We are excited to introduce our newest variety to be released, Montepulciano. It has been quite a journey for this wine, but as always the vision and work have been satisfying. 

We planted this variety as rootlings in 2018, at our Sand Road vineyard, on a pretty hard patch of red loam and gravel, suiting the variety’s durability and water efficiency. The motto here was "treat them mean to keep them lean" so the block has taken longer than normal to get balanced and fruitful. A lot of skilled vine training from our team and regenerative soil work to ensure strong young vines and open canopy.

A small blend of Eli's Monte-Greco was made in 2021 before finally this first 100% varietal release from the excellent 2022 vintage. Hand-picked, cold-soaked, wild yeast ferment, gentle maceration, for a tight body, juicy pucker, texture and tension. The wine and label inspiration is about the hard yards to get here, its rugged, coastal nature and the pure enjoyment of it with food & friends.

This is a small batch wine, only 156 dozen made, rip in and we look forward to your feedback. You can purchase our 2022 Montepulciano here.

Cheers Mal!

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