We love every wine we make, but each of us has a trusty bottle that we reach for time and time again. After all, these are wines, not children, so we're allowed to have favourites. We even put together a mixed pack to highlight the team's favourite picks, which can be purchased hereAnd if you want to know why the Hither & Yon team love these wines so much? Well, you're in the right place.

Liam, C
ellar Door & Vineyard Team | Petit blanc
'The natural acidity makes this petit blanc so, so refreshing and mouthwatering. It has classic varietal aromas and is incredibly fresh, as if you're eating the grapes straight off the vine! I love this wine, and it's a relatively rare, dry style of the varietal, which really highlights how well-suited petit blanc is to McLaren Vale’s climate.'

Cellar Door Team Aglianico Rosé
'This is one for the serious rosé drinkers and is unique because it's made from aglianico. It's a dry style of rosé, but with this delicate fruit sweetness that makes it a perfect all-rounder. Easily paired with food, but just as delicious on its own, especially on a sunny afternoon!'

Ju, Cellar Door & Tourism Manager | Carignan
'The reason I love carignan is it really brings me back to my childhood, when I would open a box of lollies while my parents were having their coffee and Speculoos after Sunday lunch. It’s playful, but soft and comforting at the same time, a super fruity wine with some spice character. The berries bring acidity and pep, toned down by brown tannins and a malty character in the back palate. Chill it for 30 minutes before opening and enjoy with a piece of cherry and chocolate ganache cake on a crumbled biscuit base – YUM.'

Britt, Cellar Door & Gigs Team |  Grenache Mataro
' Earthy, juicy, and fresh acidity are the first three things that spring to mind when drinking the Grenache Mataro. Grenache is widely seen in the Vale, but adding Mataro diversifies this drop, adding some complexities. This blend is super approachable and an excellent gateway to the world of reds. Hot tip: you can chill this one in summer. It goes down a treat when shared with friends!'

Helen, C
ellar Door Team | Nero d'Avola
'Nero d’Avola is bright and juicy with soft tannins and nice acidity. It's a drop that goes down way too easily; an excellent stand-alone wine, or a crowd-pleaser that sits perfectly on the table beside a flavoursome lunch. Though it's definitely not a mainstream wine (yet), I hope that it inspires you to choose something other than another big Aussie shiraz – happy drinking!'

Yan, B
rand Manager for Asia | Aglianico
'Originally from southern Italy’s Campania region, aglianico finds another promising land in McLaren Vale thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate. It's an amazing varietal that keeps charming the palate as it ages, with red plum, rose petal, raspberry, dry herbs, olives and pepper spice. It has great acidity and structure, and is perfect for when you want to try something different from “just fruity”.'

Ready to trust the taste of our much-loved team? You can purchase the Team Picks Pack to try all these favourites, or head to the shop to pick out those that appeal most. Let us know what you think!

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