OUR team is very proud to announce that on February 1 2021, Hither & Yon was certified carbon neutral as an organisation and for product range by Climate Active,
the Australian Government’s program to empower business and community to take action on climate change.

We are the first wine brand in South Australia to achieve this. 

Climate Active OrganisationHither & Yon is owned and operated by our family, the Leask family, located in the McLaren Vale region in South Australia. Established in 2011 by brothers Richard and Malcolm Leask, Hither & Yon’s vision is to make better wines with a lighter footprint. Their every day concerns are soil & people, and they believe if both of those are happy and healthy, their business and wines will play in the same rhythm.
We have been growing in McLaren Vale since 1980, and since Hither & Yon was born we have embarked on a continuous improvement program, from sustainable viticulture, to regenerative agriculture, and now carbon neutral. We also are practicing biodiversity management on our land, re-establishing native corridors, and are well known for new grape variety establishment - all also with a view to climate change. 

Regenerative agriculture means healthier soils  Our viticulturist Richard Leask, regenerative agriculture guru

It seems fitting that the carbon neutral certification comes at the start of Hither & Yon’s 10th year, as we believe in constant motion, and after all the Leask family clan motto is “by virtue, I grow”. There is also the “loop” nature of the brand, listening to our customers, changing our style if it fits, refreshing our message, giving back to the community & having fun along the way.
Carbon neutral expresses our tenet of being winegrowers who care for our
environment & community first. 
This year we will also be conducting changes to elements of the brand and business practice to further reduce our carbon emissions, and also keep improving our land management in order to increase carbon sequestration in our soil. 

Carbon Neutral Product Stamp   Carbon Neutral Organisation Stamp

The Climate Active stamp helps the community take action by aiding to identify and choose brands that are making a real difference. It’s about making good decisions today, for a more sustainable tomorrow.
We believe it represents a true trust mark on our brand and business.

The real change for the family is that we don’t want to be fashionable, we just want to see what is possible, and start to leave a legacy for their next generation.

Pure & simple, our making is hands off, follows nature, and expresses vineyard and variety.

As Mal & Rich always say:
"Wines that go down easy for how scarce they are!"

carving a better path for the next generations

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