Harvest 2024 – follies of farming

Harvest 2024 – follies of farming

As it stands today, we have made it through well over half of vintage 2024, we can count the blocks left to pick (nine) on our hands!

We have been at it since February 14 and will finish after Easter, hopefully, a little break in there with family.

Right now, the joys of ideal autumn weather, crisp mornings, warm days, and light winds are spot on for good finishing of our bigger berry varieties. 

Two weeks ago, however, we experienced “that” 5-6 days of high heat which impacted yield.

This harvest will be the tale of what was picked before (whites, rose, light red) and what was picked after the heat wave. Indeed, for those who like bigger body, rich reds – this will be a great vintage!

We have some exciting new wines coming to you, a premiere red, Mencia from Spain, and a special small batch white wine which we will keep secret for now, also something fizzy!

We have been hard at it through the ups and downs, the 'hither & yon', to grow and make the best possible wines, with a light footprint for you. 

Thank you to our amazing team, we would not have got this far without your work ethic and good humour, see you on the other side everyone!

Photographer: Nathan Agostini

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