End of Harvest & the loop begins again!

End of Harvest & the loop begins again!

After 45 days, from Petit Blanc to Carignan, we finished vintage 2024 on Friday, April 5.

Amazing variety, 26 blocks of fruit harvested, with great thanks to our amazing Leask Agri crew, regeneratively farmed, sustainably grown, all picked on the moment. 

As ever, a season defined by mother nature with a cool start, we thought it might go on forever, then a dry, hot middle which turned everything up, and a balanced finish around the full moon cycle of Easter.

We are happy, excited about the wines that have been crafted. Early standouts are Fiano, Grenache, Mencia, Nero and Tempranillo, Shiraz & Malbec. They will all take time - this is a full body year! We certainly have plenty of barrel work to do in the winery.

The best part, working together as a family, team to get it done, it was a hard one! The joys of farming and we can't wait to share the spoils with you, that's when it all makes a wee bit of sense : ) 

In the vineyard, we are setting up for seeding our new cover crops, doing fencing to bring animals back in, and about to start our mulching and compost spreading. Enriching the soils all the time here.

Starting bottling of wines in May, we will be in touch soon on pre-release offers, it is always worth being on our H&Y list!

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