End of an era

End of an era

In my view, covid-19 has changed our business forever for the better.

We can now only rely on ourselves, humble and nimble is the key.

Our revenue is hit bad, so, we focus on making the most out of what we have.

And, we directly engage with our wine drinkers, not just digital, but personal.

Most important has been to keep our staff together and have a shared vision for the future.

Our primary brand message is now regenerative agriculture, it makes sense.

We are probably living in the best place in the world during this time.

We love our community, team and family, brand partners.

Healthy and happy, keep it simple. Small is beautiful.

We wish all of our friends out there all the best.

This time also sees the launch of our new website, you are looking at it now.

Our old web “page” saw us through 8 years of ups and downs, it did us proud.

That one was more design & wine focussed, this one is more about people and style.

It represents the many layers we now have, a wee bit organic and surely dynamic.

Hope you like it and thanks very much to our amazing design partners from Day 1, Voice in Adelaide.

Welcome to our new digital partners too, Brunch Agency, look forward to the new era with you all.

Onwards & upwards, Mal

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