3 Pink October Pairings For Our 2020 Rosé

3 Pink October Pairings For Our 2020 Rosé

We recently released the new vintage of our Rosé: it is a 100% Aglianico wine, Italian Style, light and dry. 
As it is a bit of an unusual type in McLaren Vale,
we thought we'd give you a few odd pairings to enjoy it with!

    We present to you: the easiest salad ever for a quick, light and refreshing summer meal. You can find plenty of different recipes with the same ingredients online, but the one we’re sharing today was just put together on a day where our inspiration and fridge were both empty spaces. For this salad you’ll need:

1/ Slice the fennel very finely
2/ Peel the blood oranges and cut them into thin slices. If possible, keep juice from cuttings and add to vinaigrette.
3/ Peel the grapefruit then take out half of it as quarters, trying to remove as much white skin as possible to be left with quarters of pulp only
4/ Mix 3 tablespoons of Maggie Beer’s Vinaigrette and add 1 table spoon of Olive Oil - this will help tone down the acidity and make it much nicer to drink rosé with the salad 😊
5/ Enjoy with a glass of Rosé!

fennel, grapefruit & blood orange salad
Photo from Pinterest Very EATalian 


This rosé is a wine for savoury meals, however Rosé normally rhymes with seafood. But not this time! This Pomegranate Moroccan Chicken recipe is like a direct ticket to Morocco without leaving your kitchen. And these days, a little travel-from-home sesh’ is always welcome.
Check out the full recipe by Jessica Fiorillo from Feed Me Dearly.

Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Moroccan ChickenPhoto from Feed Me Dearly Blog


Check your boobs! Last pairing is not with food but with an activity, and a rather important one. Pink October is a good reminder to make sure you have healthy breasts, so let’s just make it a little more fun by enjoying a nice drop while doing it 😃
You can find a quick video here that explains how to do it properly, or read here for a detailed description of what to do.

$2 per bottle of our 2020 Rosé sold this month will be donated to the McGrath Foundation to help research and fight breast cancer.

check your boobsPhoto source: McGrath Foundation

Take care and be safe!
Happy sipping, from Hither & Yon

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