2023 - The year of regeneration

2023 - The year of regeneration

Our team enjoyed a great Christmas, we hope you all did too. Welcome to 2023, what will the year hold, and what will we achieve? Our focus for 2023 is a simple one: Regeneration. 

Our marketing manager Lucy recently watched Netflix doco, "Kiss the Ground" and was both inspired and disheartened at the state of our global climate crisis and the significant environmental challenges we continue to face in agriculture and farming across the world.

One thing that's reassuring for us, is knowing our Hither & Yon and Leask Agri teams are truly treading lightly on our land, and we have been championing the incredible benefits of regenerative agriculture for years!

It's our goal to share more about how our commitment to regenerative farming philosophies, principles and practices yield a breadth of benefits on and off the land - from improving biodiversity, focusing on soil health and new variety growth - we make wines that are better for you and better for our planet. It feels like the right thing to do, and it's our real passion.

Thank you for joining us on our continued journey of regeneration - it's a privilege to share it with you.

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