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Dry and refreshing, this zesty petit blanc has plenty of grapefruit and citrus with lovely weight and texture. Notes of jasmine and freshly cut hay make for wonderful summer drinking, particularly when paired with fresh oysters.

Tasting Notes

Reviews of 2019 Petit Blanc:
Adelaide Review 2020, Hot 100 Wines, Light Aromatic Wines: "An intriguing wine with a light aromatic lift, initial savoury aromas are followed by necatarine, orange, and nashi pear. This wine is deliciously weighted with a pleasing phenolic grip and lovely acid".

Reviews of 2018 Petit Blanc:
90 points, James Halliday 2020 Wine Companion

"Citrus and tropical fruit flavours are attractive enough, but the slippery-satiny nature of the texture here makes this pretty white wine enjoyable to say the least." 

Reviews of 2017 Petit Blanc:
Gary Walsh, The Wine Front, September 2017 www.winefront.com.au

"Made from Muscat Blanc a’ Petits Grains. I don’t recommend most white wines be served too chilled, but I think this style is best served with a bit of frost on it. Perfumed and musky, kind of light and briny too, with delicate flavour, mainly lemon and lemon barley. It’s got zip and freshness, a bit of fragrance, and it’s VERY easy to smash down with gay abandon. A wonderful wine for summer luncheons, and the like, preferably featuring a sea breeze. I like it, but it is what it is, and that, in this case, is a good thing. The simple things etc." 88 points.

Huon Hooke, November 2017, www.huonhooke.com
"Pale almost water-white colour and a pungent muscat fruit aroma, which is clean as a whistle and appropriately fragrant. Passionfruit traces. The wine is surprisingly dry in the mouth, like a French muscat blanc sec. As such, it would make a good aperitif wine. A very good, if simple, varietal dry white." 89 points

James Halliday, 1 August 2018, www.winecompanion.com.au
"The fact that its grape variety (muscat blanc à petit grains) might cause people to expect an off-dry wine is neither here nor there, hither or yon. It's fresh, delicate, crisp, dry and faintly lemony." 88 points